Our Services

At Van Triest Horses we offer various services by our Sales Manager Herman van Triest and his wife and top rider Juulia Jyläs. We support you to find your perfect horse, provide training for you and your horse in our training program and produce high quality showjumping horses for our customers.



We offer our horsemanship for training and management for motivated students. Being successful and embracing the lifestyle of a showjumper requires a great deal of preparation. It is not only about riding at the shows. Management and training at home is of equal importance. We are offering our facility, time and knowledge for training you or your horse. On of the most important factor in achieving your goals is your own motivation.


Our primary service at Van Triest Horses is about connecting riders with their ideal showjumping partners. With an extensive network and a keen eye for talent, we specialize in trading showjumping horses in order to find the perfect match for our customers. Whether you are an experienced competitor or a rising star in the showjumping world, we are dedicated in helping you to discover the horse that will elevate your performance to new heights.


At Van Triest Horses, the development of showjumpers is meticulously crafted through a combination of expert training, top-quality care and a deep understanding of each horse`s unique abilities. Happy and healthy horses are the foundation for success.



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