Finishing Touch Wareslage
*2005 I 1.69 m. I Quival (Quidam de Revel) x Toulon x Grandeur x Lys de Darmen

Power in your pedigree

Belgium born approved KWPN (Holland),Belgium, Hanover and Oldenburg International

1.60 m Grand Prix stallion x 1.60 m Grand Prix mare from a proven dame-line  

Finishing Touch Wareslage has been one of the most remarkable stallions at the highest level in showjumping. Together with Juulia Jyläs Finishing Touch defended the Finnish flag in Nations Cups, World Cups, Global Champions Tour, European Championships and World Equestrian Games. 


About Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch Wareslage has great  movement and power and can deliver the ‘finishing touch” on your mare.

Finishing Touch‘s father Quival was a international 1.60 m Grand Prix stallion. His father was the famous Quidam de Revel (silver Olympic Games Hervé Godignon) from a mother of Carneval- Cor de la Bryere. Finishing Touch’s mother Qualita van de Groene Haag, a daughter of the proven Grand Prix stallion Toulon (v.Heartbreaker) jumped herself 1.60 m. Qualita finished individually at 12th place at the Asian Games and won silver with the team of Korea. Finishing Touch’s grandmother Graffitie was a daughter of the renowned Hannover stallion Grandeur, who won with Thomas Fruhmann the Grand Prix of Aachen. Graffittie was a breeding mare but also won many shows up to 140 m. Finishing Touch jumps like he is bred with only proven Grand Prix stallions as Quidam de Revel, Toulon, Grandeur and mare maker Lys de Darmen (motherline of Ninja la Silla, Echo van Spielveld, Emerald, Otterongo etc).

Finishing Touch’s direct motherline produced many international showjumpers as the 1.60 m. horses Malou (Maloubet de Pleville/Marlon Zanotelli), Sundance (Monaco/Jillian Terceira) and Popcorn van de Wijngaardhoeve Z (Picasso/Aniek Poels). Many well-known individuals in the horse scene, such as the Finnish jumping coach Ad van de Wetering, who accompanied Juulia Jyläs and Finishing Touch during their travels to the biggest showgrounds, let their mare cover by Finishing Touch.

“Finishing Touch is a stallion with an outstanding competition character. He is afraid of nothing and has an enormous drive. There is no fence too big for him. I recognize his temperament and character in the first three years old children, who have blood and a super character. What is for me also very important is that the stallion’s mother Qualita jumped the biggest courses. The proven blood of famous Grand Prix stallions as Quidam de Revel, Toulon and Grandeur makes him for me very intresting to breed with.     Ad van de Wetering

Order semen

Finishing Touch is daily fresh available allover europe via the stallion station Hof Sosath based in Lemwerder (Bremen, Germany) and also for the dutch breeders via MVM Horses.

Hof Sosath - Stallion Show at 13.04.2024

MvM Horses (Netherlands) - Stallion Show at 17.04.2024

Semen has to be ordered before 8 am. 

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