Herman van Triest

Owner of Van Triest Horses / Sales Manager

Herman was born and raised at the scenic Fisherman’s town Elburg at the boarder of the former “Zuiderzee”. Herman’s family is well-known as the last traditional eelsmokers. Herman’s father Aart had a passion for horses and was a successful veteran champion rider at an older age after starting riding after the age of 45. In the eighties Aart van Triest started also breeding with the Renville daughter Empriss, mother of multiple Belgium champion Flinstone (Evelyne Blaton), grandmother of Juulia’s 5 star Grand Prix horse Courage T Z and founding dame of many other Grand Prix horses produced at Van Triest Horses (Zalerno, Miss Willow, Chaplin etc.). 

Herman’s sister Herriet was a professional showjumper who competed at the highest level in sports and rode for several stables as the in Holland based Alan Waldman. Herman himself was a hobby rider who rode during his duty at the Dutch army Championships but chose to study towards a career as a horse journalist. With the well-known journalist couple Henk & Henriette Rootveld he established “De Paardenkrant” in the 90s.  At the time he was well-known as the showjumping reporter visiting all the big national and international shows around Europe. After this experience and building up a huge network, he became a manager of an event center, sponsor and communication manager and was the first one to organize an international show for approved stallions (The Best Stallion competition in Zwolle).

Herman has a gift in having an eye for a good horse and being able to use his worldwide network to connect people with horses. He bred and scouted several Grand Prix and Olympic horses such as the Olympic Gold medal winner in London “Vindicat” (Guidam x Libero) of Peter Charles and later Jessica Springsteen.


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